Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd Place! Wipeout Cookie Contest!!

Wipeout Office

My Cookie took 2nd

Someone trying to sneak a look at my cookie description 

This is Matt's new Wonderful assistant. Before her I was Matt Kunitz' assistant ;)

This was the original name for my cookie - by the end of the contest it was renamed Santa's Drizzle

The winner got this - Shye won 2 yrs in a row!





Serious Business!

Matt Kunitz - King of Reality Cookie

The Winning Cookie

My Cookie

My cookie

I loved these!


My cookie took second place! This was Wipeout's second annual cookie contest and it was very intense. Everyone brought their A-game, minus a few people who seriously struggled with their cookie. My cookie was pretty easy. I used the following recipe and made a few adjustments: - but, the following recipe is much better and easier: - just drizzle white chocolate over the top of them

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