Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sashi Manhattan Beach = Fail

It's hard for me to be disappointed by a sushi restaurant, but Sashi sure did a great job of doing so. It kinda came close to Jinky's style disappointment. Well, not really - Jinky's style disappointment is hard to achieve. I rate this place a 2.5 and only because it's beautiful and the food was good. I especially liked the pink lighting near the bar. Maybe it's due to the holidays, but my 90-year-old grandmother could have done a better job serving us if she were fresh out of hip surgery and blindfolded with her arms tied behind her back!

It took forever for them to bring our drink orders. In fact, a member of our party had to get up to remind them. As I mention a lot, I have an obsession with ponzu sauce... I know, I know- it doesn't go on everything and it's like drenching ketchup on the best steak in the world. I can't help it. I'm sure I can drink it by the gallon. Well, I asked three people and my side of ponzu sauce never came. I've been known for boycotting Mexican restaurants for forgetting my sour cream. I need my condiments people! And forget about the glass chopsticks, they are so slippery! I'm surprised a piece of sashimi didn't fling across to the next table and hit someone in the eye.

I might give this place another try. Maybe it was a bad night.

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