Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wipeout Cookie Contest Test Bake #2

This is where I got the inspiration

The recipe is not too bad...

OMG! I Loooooove this stuff!

Ha! Getting in the holiday spirit by drinking soy-nog!
I was the assistant to Matt Kunitz, the Executive Producer to ABC's hit show Wipeout. Well, this is the second annual cookie contest and I weaseled my way in, even though I no longer work there. This is my second test bake and I think it came out great. First I tried doing peanut butter cookies with a Nutella and milk chocolate topping, but those were terrible. Tonight I think I actually perfected it, but I cannot reveal them yet. The contest is not until Friday! Can't wait. I need to post my cookie from last year. One of the judges didn't take it seriously and he came me a low score which put me in third place... ugh!


  1. I am dying to know how it all turned out! Nutella in a blossom cookie? Amazing!

  2. The cookies turned out ok, but I think they are better with the hershey kiss instead of the Nutella... Still love Nutella!


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