Monday, January 3, 2011

Urth Cafe Beverly Hills

Portobello Mushroom Pinini 

Sticky Bun

Green Tea Bobas - Not Blended
I have cravings for this place, mainly because of the Green Tea Bobas. It's the only thing that I really don't care to know the calories for. I don't ever want to feel guilty drinking it. I could get it in the lower calorie version, but it's not even close to how the original taste. Oh, and the pumpkin pie melts in your mouth! I love everything here, especially how friendly the staff always is. I wish this place wasn't so crowded. Sometimes I feel like I have to wrestle someone for a table. Parking is also terrible. There is valet and a lot across the street if you can't find a meter. Must pay for both - nothing is free in Beverly Hills people!

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