Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Westside Tavern Pico Blvd - I collect friends!

Friendship's the wine of life - Edward Young
Shana ordered a more healthy option. That's why she's super cute and pocket size!


Extra yum - I love truffle oil!

I had such a great lunch with a new girlfriend. You can never have enough, especially good ones. I like to say that I collect them. I wish we would have hung out long ago. Shana is definitely a sweet and positive girl. She's also super cute and has the best smile! We decided to meet at the mall. Usually that could be dangerous, but this time I used all the gift cards I collected from Christmas.

We found this great place. It was packed at 1 pm - couldn't believe it. Thank goodness the bar area was open right away. I thought I was going to die of starvation. I ordered a scallop truffle thing. I definitely feel like this is what they would serve in heaven. Oh, and I ordered mac and cheese too. I know, bad girl! Couldn't help it and now I am paying the price. Must go to the gym extra hard today! Try this place and go see a movie - movies are right upstairs! Love this mall!

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  1. the food looks so yummy!xx


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