Sunday, February 20, 2011

Silverlake Wine Engagement Party!

Bathroom shot - cool bathoom!
McDonald's chicken nuggets, inspired by the groom

nom, nom, nom!

Cupcakes and wine = Heaven!
They served 1 white and 2 reds

Best speech! He reminded me a little of Vince Vaughn. They got lucky, speeches can be ultra embarrassing, but this guy was good!



Don't forget to flush!

Ugh! Guilty! Jack in a box!

I went to a string of events last night, first starting with Rebecca and John's wine tasting engagement party at Silverlake Wine. It was probably the best engagement party I have been to, mainly because I think these two people genuinely love each other and will be married forever. It's just nice and refreshing to see couples like that. The party was thrown by their good friends, Jaime and PJ, who are an equally fantastic couple.

Rebecca and John chose wines from Italy because that is were she said yes. The wine shop was scattered with awesome desserts and various things to munch on. The chicken nuggets were a funny addition, the groom-to-be has a chicken nugget tattooed on his arm and when he bends his elbow the nugget gets dipped in sauce. Ha! This is actually making me laugh as I type! Oh, and they even hired a hotdog guy who was right outside the door - just like the ones that stand outside of clubs when people spill out of them at 2am. Love it!! 

The party was such a cute idea in a nice place. I am sure everyone had fun. We didn't actually stay long. It was raining and took us an hour to get there. After the party we headed to Beso to meet up with people, then to the new hangout, Roxbury. I really don't want to admit this, but after Roxbury we went to Jack in a Box. I ordered cheddar and bacon potato wedges with three sour creams, a breakfast sandwich, and fries. Ugh! Today I am paying for it with the guilty feeling clogging the middle of my chest!


  1. This is an amazing blog entry. John and I laughing hysterically!

  2. Hey lil aka Amada - I am coming in town on the 5th.. Maybe we can do a girls cooking day at your place??? I need to make lasagna for my bro's baptism... I have to make it on Friday though.


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