Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sushi Dan – Twice in One Week!

Photos from Sushi Dan on Sunset
This picture is Amazing

My order

I should have ordered this

Baby Lobster Heaven! This is what made me want to go back later in the week
 Sushi Dan Ventura Blvd. Day 2

Ha! I love the mirror reflection pics. That's because I am too embarrassed to ask someone else to take a picture of me!

Miso Soup

Something from the Chef's Specials

I was totally craving this. The one on Sunset put so much more Lobster on it!

As you know, I love tuna and was totally craving it this past week. For a second I almost went to Veggie Grill, but remembered that I should save that spot for “NO Meat March.”

I decided to go to Sushi Dan, on Sunset, and order my normal dish, peppered tuna salad with ponzu sauce. It doesn’t come with ponzu sauce, but I love pouring that stuff all over tuna. I think I could even drink it alone.

The person I went with ordered this creamy amazingness and I was instantly jealous when our dishes came out. I was in total buyers remorse with my salad. What made it worse was that he was giving me small bites of his, but I wanted the entire thing.

So, two days later I went with a friend to Sushi Dan on Ventura. I made up for my buyers remorse by ordering several things, two from the Chef’s Specials. One of which was the baby lobster mushroom thing that I really wanted from the previous day. I was pleasantly satisfied.

FYI: Parking on Sunset is easy because there is a garage – the one on Ventura is a mess – usually no spaces. Also, before 3pm there are great lunch specials. 

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