Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whole Foods Heaven - Tarzana, California

Tarzana Whole Foods Heaven!

At 9pm it is so easy to parallel park

So many different areas to sit at this place - That's what I hate about the Bev Hills one!

So many choices!

Digital.. nice

I never ever get a cart - otherwise I go overboard 

I wonder what they are testing

I am a happy camper here!

I thought of this years ago!! Finally just my size!

I stock up on these because they are perfect for on the go - and it's just the right size so you don't get fat!



I will be returning during no meat March 

My favorite Mac n Cheese - it's soy

I bought a ton of seaweed to snack on 

Seaweed Heaven 



;) Lunch tomorrow
Ohhhhh myyyy gawd! I was just in Whole Foods heaven and could NOT wait to get back home and write about it. Yes, I know – slightly abnormal, but if you know me at all you know the horror that I have been through after leaving my fantastic Whole Foods in Vegas.

Los Angeles Whole Foods locations have been so unacceptable I was upset every time I would go into one. I mean, why are the parking lots so crazy and why are they soooo unbelievably small! I guess people wouldn’t know any better unless they were used to an amazing and fantastic Whole Foods like I was.

When I entered the Tarzana location I swore I saw angels and heard harps playing. Everything was so clean and organized and it was HUGE. I took a zillion pictures (check out my blog), and I am sure the staff thought I was nuts!  I can’t help it. My two favorite places are grocery stores and airports.

I loved the staff there. I never really have an issue with staff at Whole Foods. They are a different breed and always helpful. I think they grow them in a lab or something; maybe they are some type of robots made of natural, organic products.

Oh!!! And years ago I wanted so badly to have really tiny, ready to go, packaged meals – like tiny potato or orzo salads. I mean small ones that fit in the palm of your hand. They have those now, for under $3.00!

Ok, going to bed now. Maybe I will eat some of the seaweed I bought first. Check out my blog for the pics!

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