Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yabu Sushi - Never Again!

Tuna Salad
Looks good, but wasn't...

I was very surprised by the high ratings this restaurant had on yelp. I’m sorry to report, but I don’t think I have had worse sashimi in all of my life, and I have had my fair share!

Saturday night and hungry, we decided to cruise around and find a new place to eat. That’s how we came across Yabu Sushi. Through the windows you could see that every seat was taken and we were afraid we wouldn’t be seated. Before handing our keys to valet I decided to jump out to see if it was possible to be seated quickly. As I walk in I was greeted by NO ONE and I stood in front of the hostess stand for a few minutes before being addressed.  I just don’t understand why the waitresses that were walking by couldn’t tell me it would be a moment.

Good news, we were seated in approximately five minutes, or hindsight, bad news! After tasting our sashimi it was clear to us that there was definitely something wrong. I am not quite sure how to describe it, but it tasted almost old and metallic.

After notifying the restaurant we were met with hostility. Maybe hostility is too strong of a word, but the manager was definitely angry and taking our comments very personally. He said, “I tasted the fish and there is nothing wrong with it!” Then, continued to argue with us. I felt that his argumentative behavior was entirely unacceptable.

He ended up not charging us for the food and only for our sake, soup, and edamame; however, we tipped the amount he took off so that he wouldn’t think we were trying to get something for free. It just wasn’t good.  I wish we had gone to Itzakaya down the street. 

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