Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Mason Jar S'mores

I made these father's day morning because I was having an unbearable craving for chocolate and whipped cream. This is another dessert that is easy to make and looks great in a mason jar. For some reason those simple mason jars make everything look ten times better! My marshmallows look a little funny because I don't have a blowtorch. Instead I used a little lighter and kept burning my fingers. The blowtorch has just been added to my to-do list. Hopefully there is a pink one somewhere out there - that would be awesome! Hope you guys enjoyed your Father's Day. XO!

I used non fat pudding - just to feel a little less guilty

The saying "hey" has become a little sentimental to me.
It is a cute memory I have with someone I hold dear to my heart.
I think it's always fun to add a simple note to food,
It gives it that special little touch to make it even more thoughtful. 

  • In a mason jar layer graham cracker crumbs (you can make them yourself or just buy a box), chocolate pudding, and whipped cream
  • Top with marshmallow fluff
  • Top the marshmallow fluff with marshmallows
  • Ideally use a blowtorch on the top marshmallows - if you don't have one use a lighter - it would be smarter to use a long lighter so that you don't burn your fingers like I did
  • Enjoy!!

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