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Thanks for visiting! I started this site so that it would be easy to share recipes with friends and family. I
have a love/hate relationship with food... LOVE
sharing food, eating with loved ones, creating tasty treats that make people smile. Wholeheartedly DISLIKE the calories that come with all those tasty, fantastic treats. 

I struggle to keep a balance between the good and the bad. I keep all my treats in the highest cabinet, where I need a ladder to reach them. It never works, I frequently grab that ladder and climb up it. Only to be comforted by the fact that it takes energy to climb a ladder; therefore, burning a few calories on the way to a sugary delight. 

Bacon will never be able to survive more than 24 hours in my place - Actually, bacon could never survive more than an hour in my home. If you really want to see me smile watch me eat anything relating to truffles... truffle pizza, truffle pasta, truffle oil drizzled anything! They say I must have been a truffle pig in my past life. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and recipes.

With a Dash of Love, 


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  2. Love what you are doing Catherine!

  3. Hi Catherine! Your blog is amazing! I follow you at Instagram and today just visited this page on the internet! I'm wondering what recipe I'm gonna make first... I love to cook, to eat, to take pictures, and I also love dogs! Much things in common! Besides, my name is Catherine too... maybe that's the reason for so much coincidences! Hahaha. Well, sorry for my English, I live in Brazil. Wish I could enjoy your blog and maybe share some brazilian food recipes with you. Best wishes. Catherine.

    1. Hi! I finally figured out how to reply to these. Thank you for visiting my site, I really appreciate it! Please send me some of your recipes: frenchtoastandwine@gmail.com. xo, Catherine

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments!! Please share some Brazilian recipes with me. I love Brazilian food!!!


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